What do you mean FREE?

When you contact MISS DIG 811, the public facility companies are notified to mark the location of their underground lines.

Public facilities are marked for FREE by facility company representatives known as Locators.  The Locators paint lines and/or place flags to mark the approximate location of underground public lines.  


  1. Visit elocate.missdig811.org
  2. In the e-Locate box click Start.
  3. Complete the e-Locate Request.
  4. Check your status before you dig @status.missdig811.org
  5. Enter your ticket #.  Click Inquire. 

Those painted lines usually run from the main facility to the meter on your house.

Not everything gets marked when you call.  Private facility lines are NOT marked. 

The unmarked private lines usually run from the house to any other building or object with service in your yard, like a garage or lamp post.  A private locator may be hired to mark them. 

And often, water and sewer lines are only marked in the right-of-way not all the way to the meter on the house. 

It’s the LAW?

Yes, a bill was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder and has been in effect since April 1, 2014.  Be smart and contact MISS DIG 811 before you dig.  

Why so many flags? What do they mean? Can I remove them?

Do NOT remove the flags until the work is completed or after 21 days.  

Color Key:

  • White -     Area of Proposed Excavation
  • Pink -     Temporary Survey Markings
  • Red -     Electric
  • Yellow -     Gas, Oil, Steam, Propane
  • Orange -  Phone and Cable
  • Blue -     Water
  • Purple -     Reclaimed water, irrigation
  • Green -     Sewer
  • Gray -     Used to Erase Marks

  • 5 Steps to Safe Digging
  • Call MISS DIG 811 at 811 or go online to elocate.missdig811.org
  • Wait for utilities to be marked
  • Check status @ status.missdig811.org
  • Respect the marks
  • Dig with care

*** See Directions for New Home Construction

  • Print forms online
  • Or, pick up forms from the Parma Township Office

​When Forms are Completed

  • Return to the office
  • Or, Fax to (517) 629-8265 Attention Building Dept.
  • Or Mail Forms to:

                   Parma Township Office

                   Building Department

                   P.O. Box 51

                   Albion, MI 49224

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a building permit?

  • Download Forms online
  • Pick up forms at the Parma Township Hall

How long does it take to process a building permit?

  • Once we have all of the necessary information it could take up to 7  working days to have your building permit processed.

What information is needed to apply for a building permit?

  • Site Plan to include

              * Set backs and side yards

              * Dimensions of the proposed new construction

              * Distance between existing buildings and new construction

              * Location of any easements and overhead lines

  • Driveway permit
  • Well permit or water permit
  • Address if new or vacant parcel
  • Septic permit or sanitary sewer permit for new structures
  • Soil and erosion permit, if disturbing 1 or more acres or is within 500 feet of the water’s edge of a lake or stream
  • Completed application for building permit
  • Residential structures 3500 square feet and larger need architectural drawings. Sealed & Signed!
  • Commercial applicants need one set of paper drawings and one set of digital drawings. DWG OR JPEG FORMAT.

How much does the building permit cost?
(click here for fee schedule)

How deep do footings need to be for a deck?

  • Michigan Residential Building code requires 42 inches to the bottom of footings.

What types of improvements require permits?
Additions to a home or a garage, central air, enlargement of windows or doors, removal or relocation of a load bearing wall or windows and doors, swimming pools, sheds over 200 square feet, deck, accessory structures, roofing–tear off and replacing shingles, finishing basement.
(Please contact the Building Department before beginning a project.)


  • Any shed 200 feet and under – does not require a building permit, but must have a zoning compliance permit.

Accessory Structures:

  • All accessory structures shall be subject to the same standards and requirements for all principal structures within all districts.

In the Agricultural District, packing or storage crates, parts or all of a semi-trailer, and similar converted containers may be used as accessory structures, but must meet set back allowances.

What types of improvements do not require permits?

  • Landscaping, painting, new flooring, siding, dry wall, replacement windows and doors.

Do I need a permit for an agricultural building?

  • You do not need a building permit, but you must have a zoning compliance permit. You must have plumbing, mechanical, or electrical permits if they apply.

​​MISS DIG Information

Building and Zoning

Office Location:

16407 Comdon Rd

Albion, MI 49224

New Home Construction steps:

  • ​You will need your parcel identification number.
  • Apply at the JCHD for a well & septic permit.
  • Apply at JCHD for soil sedimentation control permit if necessary.
  • Apply at JCDOT for a driveway permit
  • You will need to apply at Parma Township for your address.

When the list above is complete, you will need to apply for your building permit. Provide all of your original documents with the building permit application. (Including a zoning compliance site plan)

To talk with an inspector or schedule an inspection; please call (517) 629-8277

Regular Office Hours:

Monday - 10AM - 6PM

​Tues/Wed - 8AM - 4PM