• Of the approximately 23,250 acres comprising the township, approximately 12,000 acres are devoted to agriculture and an additional 6,000 acres are devoted to woodlands, wetlands, and herbaceous, shrubby fields. 


  • Nearly all dwelling units in the township are single family dwellings. Michigan Avenue west of Finley Road and the Michigan Avenue/Interstate 94 Interchange area are the most intensely developed commercial nodes in the township and are comprised of four to five separate commercial land uses. 

  • Except for Caster Concepts Manufacturing plant on Michigan Avenue near Ludow Road, the balance of the township’s primary industrial land uses are comparatively small in character. The township operated public services are comparatively limited.  

  • There is no public sewer and the Amberton Village development is the only area of the township which is served by public water. 

  • The township's police protection is contracted with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Fire protection is provided through services jointly operated by the Village of Parma, Parma and Sandstone Townships. Fire protection is provided by a paid on call fire department.

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FAQs about Parma Township:

Parma Township is located in the south-central region of Michigan. Officials work with community members and business owners to continue to be on the leading edge and are dedicated to seeing positive changes each year. 

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